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Jan Kaupas
Vice President of Sales
Keeping Promises Since 2009

We only work through insurance broker partners because we feel that the best HR outsourcing solution comes from a deep understanding of each client and their needs.

We help our broker partners compete more effectively with the new class of digital HR-focused insurance brokers, payroll companies, and other PEOs—and access a new recurring revenue stream. We deliver our value by:
  • Working exclusively through our broker partners. We will not recognize other Broker of Record letters and will never compete against you.
  • Making it easy to do business with us. We work with you through the three fast and easy steps of our RFP process—identify the opportunity, understand the client’s needs, and deliver a personalized proposal.
  • Offering a competitive commission. Our broker partners are paid through our highly competitive residual-based compensation structure. 
  • Specializing in the markets of the Northeast. We have offices across the Northeast with team members that you can call on to help with Fortune 500-level and ACA-compliant benefits plans.
With Extensis, you can be confident every step of the way—from initial referral through proposal, activation, enrollment, and renewal—because you’ll be partnering with the industry’s most experienced PEO sales and service teams.

Ross M. ChomikProviding optimal client service is a top concern — and we needed the resources to ensure that our time is always client-focused. The HRCloud software offered by Extensis gives us the tools to handle our payroll and administrative duties quickly and efficiently. We have peace of mind knowing that our HR functions are supported by knowledgeable and helpful professionals.Ross M. Chomik

Ross M. Chomik

- Ross M. Chomik

Managing Partner
Vision Equities

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