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HR is more than just benefits; it covers a range of tasks from running payroll to developing the culture your firm needs to thrive. Extensis understands how robust HR services can help enhance the efficiency of a business and drive bottom-line results. 

Our suite of complete HR services can support your firm’s growth while taking the administrative burden out of HR. 
Our team of dedicated experts will get to know you and your business to deliver stress-free administration of all your HR tasks and offer you the support you need when more complex challenges arise.
HR Management Services

HR Management Services from dedicated HR, payroll and benefits experts who can help you tackle the toughest HR challenges.

Payroll & Tax Services

Payroll & Tax Services delivered through an easy to use, cloud-based payroll and tax software to make running payroll painless.

Performance Management Services

Performance Management Services Performance Management Services provide guidance for performance reviews, employee and company goal alignment, and pay-for-performance policies to reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.

Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services that can help you find and assess candidates for your open roles and spot trends in applicant data.

Training & Development Services

Training & Development Services delivered on desktop and mobile devices to empower employees to control their professional development.

Culture-Building Consulting

Culture-Building Consulting offers practical, proven strategies to enhance efficiency and build a team-oriented workplace.

Compensation Consulting

Compensation Consulting that can help you stay competitive in hiring and retaining the talent you need.

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