Employee Compensation Consultants

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Stay competitive with your compensation
Are your employees compensated at the same level as others in your industry and area? Or could a compensation misalignment be a contributor to difficulty in hiring?

Extensis' compensation consultants can help you review your compensation structure in your market, with:
  • Job pricing
  • Bonus and incentive planning
  • Total compensation budgeting, including employer contribution to benefits costs
  • Compliance with state and federal compensation laws to help minimize regulatory risk
Our sophisticated salary assessment tool offers an easy-to-use program that reports up-to-the-minute wage, salary ranges and incentive survey data for over 6,000 positions in 1,200 unique industry sectors. Updated quarterly, the assessment tool lets you compare salaries for a position with details that can easily be ranked, sorted and exported to other applications, taking the guesswork out of your compensation strategy.