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Recruiting is one of the most time consuming HR activities—and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most crucial. When you partner with Extensis, you’ll get the personalized support and services you need throughout the recruiting and hiring process. You can count on us to simplify this all-important HR activity for you

Since we are familiar with your company and culture through our PEO partnership, we can truly personalize our services to your needs. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you—so you get through the preparation, sourcing, and screening phases of recruiting much faster. With time and energy saved, you’ll be able to concentrate on selecting the best candidate for your job and your company.

At Extensis, we follow a three-step recruiting process to ensure the strongest recruiting result:
  1. Market Your Position and Company. Before you can effectively market a position, you have to market your company. The talent you’re interested in attracting cares about your marketplace brand and your standing as an employer-of-choice. The next consideration is the position itself. During this preparation and sourcing phase, we gain an understanding of your company, as well as your needs and wants for the position. We’ll work with you to define the job and salary, identify sources, and launch the search. 
  2. Find the Right Candidates. Developing a strong slate of candidates requires expert screening—and lots of patience. EEO regulations and compliance are key considerations. Coaching managers before interviews about what to ask—and what not to ask—can help ensure preferred candidates are identified and employment-related risks are mitigated. 
  3. Confirm the Right Candidate. In this all important last phase, you can evaluate how well a preferred candidate will fit into your company’s culture and confirm they have the prerequisite skills for the job. Background and reference checks help establish reliability. Having proven tools at your disposal can help manage these activities.
Our recruiting services can be customized to fit your need. Download our Recruiting Services Overview to learn more.


Ready to expand your workforce? HRCloud recruiting software automates the hiring process from start to finish, making it easy for you to collect, track and analyze applicant data. Now you can easily manage applicants through the entire lifecycle, from workflow approvals for new requisitions to scheduling and interviewing qualified candidates. With HRCloud recruiting software you can:
  • Increase your visibility and reach with an applicant portal that reinforces your brand and encourages applicants to share job postings
  • Configure your online application process to pre-screen based on specific minimum qualifications
  • Track open positions, create and score pre-screening questions, encourage employee referrals, review resumes, schedule interviews and more
  • Encourage employee career growth through a separate internal candidate portal
  • Offer a paperless new hire process with electronic signature of new hire documents such as I-9, W-4 and EEO self-identification
  • Use powerful metrics reports to calculate time to fill, aging and sub-cycle information
  • Monitor compliance with a variety of EEO/OFCCP tools
We’ll help you increase the quality of your candidate pool, deliver the best possible applicant experience for both external and internal candidates, and turn your firm into a magnet for top talent.

Joyce Baskin, CLUUsing a PEO is something all insurance professionals must consider, although it is a brave move on our part to introduce one to our valued customers. I have found all PEOs are not the same. Extensis is the far superior choice. They value the broker relationship, the technology is the best and the staff makes it a pleasure to do business with them. I am thankful I found Extensis. Joyce Baskin, CLU

Joyce Baskin, CLU

- Joyce Baskin, CLU

Independent Broker

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