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Next generation technology is here. Our secure, 100% cloud-based HRIS solution, HRCloud, delivers world-class services for onboarding, payroll, PTO, benefits, HR, HR self-service, and reporting. 

The combination of HRCloud and personalized services from our HR experts will simplify your HR--saving you countless hours every week on HR functions--hours you can devote to focusing on your customers and growing your business. You can view this video to learn more.

HRCloud Can Help Your Business

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity
Our modern, easy-to-use platform enables your team to get the information they need quickly, and then get back to work.
Integrate HR Data
Integrate HR Data
With all your HR data in one cloud-based database, you’ll eliminate IT support, infrastructure costs of legacy systems, the need for multiple systems, and all those cumbersome manual processes. Plus, it enables PTO to flow directly into your payroll.
Manage Employees
Manage Employees
It doesn’t matter if they’re in one location, multiple locations, or working remotely.
Build Engagement
Build Engagement
It puts your brand front and center. Employees have a consistent experience tied to your brand. It helps build employee satisfaction and pride.


HRCloud Also Delivers on These Promises

Fast & Efficient

Fast & Efficient

HRCloud App gives employees HR On-the Go.
  • Employee Self Service is mobile-optimized--in English and Spanish.
  • Manager Self Service has configurable dashboards for quick access to favorites.
  • Administrators have easy access to all functions.
More Control

More Control

  • Employees have more flexibility to update personal info, payroll,  and benefits.
  • Managers approve PTO, track time off, run reports, and more.
  • Administrators have complete payroll functionality.
  • Data audit for all transactions makes reviews seem effortless.
  • Role-based permissions provide powerful security capabilities.
Simpler HR

Simpler HR

  • Flexible communications--send messages to one, a few, or all.
  • Helpful how-to guides provide step-by-step guidance to users.
  • Intuitive new hire onboarding streamlines the entire process.
  • Real-time, impressive search delivers data instantly.
  • ​Real-time reporting is easy with multiple reporting options.

Add More Services as Your HR Needs Grow

  • Experience the convenience--and cost savings--of time data that flows seamlessly between payroll, benefits, and HR.
  • Reduce your compliance risk with automated tools for FLSA, ACA, etc.

  • Courses for the modern learner.
  • Modules devoted to manager training, working better together, raising the bar on customer service, and maximizing efficiency.

  • Align individual goals with organization goals.
  • Use performance assessments to track and measure achievements.
  • Help grow your talent with career development plans.
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