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Cost management, innovative partnerships, customer engagement, and a changing regulatory environment are all part of the shifting landscape facing life sciences companies. Collaboration is a key theme—collaboration within the health care ecosystem, with patients, or internally. It’s time you collaborated with an experienced HR partner. The advantages may surprise you. Your employees are sure to appreciate how you take their needs to heart. 

Here’s what Extensis, an experienced HR partner, will do for you and your employees: 

Simplify your HR administration, allowing you to reduce costs by outsourcing day-to-day HR management to qualified experts. You no longer need dedicated HR staff and your employees have immediate access our HR specialists. 

Manage your diverse workforce of skilled and unskilled workers, up to five generations, and many ethnicities. We have experts who can respond to each group’s unique HR needs. 

Offer enhanced benefits, letting you provide Fortune 500-level benefits to everyone in your organization. Plus, your employees will appreciate all our complimentary entertainment, technology, and fashion discounts. 

Control your ownership costs, by leveraging our economies of scale for benefits and operational efficiencies. Your employees have access to over 30 healthcare plans, plus plans for life, disability, dental, vision, 401(k) and other savings plans, voluntary, and complimentary benefits.

To learn more about how we can help you simplify HR, talk to your benefits broker or contact us at 888.473.6398.
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