75% of Employees Would Stay With Their Employer if Offered Parental Leave

Dec 30, 2019
| The Extensis Team
75%25 of Employees Would Stay With Their Employer if Offered Parental Leave

Parental leave benefits are one of the many growing employee benefit trends taking shape today.

In addition to federal and state laws, employers are adding their own paid leave plans that include time-off for new parents as a way to stand out to job seekers and keep current employees happy.

But just how important is parental leave to employees and how impactful is this benefit to retaining and attracting top talent? A new report from the Boston College Center for Work & Family provides insights into this immensely popular employee benefit.

The Impact of Parental Leave on Employees

The Expanded Paid Parental Leave: Measuring the Impact of Leave on Work & Family study surveyed 1,240 men and women to get their thoughts on parental leave benefits.

Of those surveyed, 93% of new mothers and 62% of new fathers took the maximum amount of leave time that was available.

These numbers may stem from the growing number of employers offering and encouraging employees to use parental leave. 74% of employees said their company is supportive of both mothers and fathers using leave benefits. Over 50% said that the workplace culture of their organization has improved as a result of parental leave.

But men (49%) and women (59%) alike are worried about the potential long-term consequences taking parental leave could have on their career progression.

The Benefits of Parental Leave Programs For Employees and Employers

The Boston College study revealed some of the significant benefits parental leave can have on workers and employers. 90% of employees said that they have a stronger connection with their child as a result of using their leave benefits.

Additionally, men said they had better life and job satisfaction when they returned from leave.

And for employers, 75% of new parents said they were far more likely to stay with their company due to being offered a parental leave policy.

Considering just how competitive the current job market is for employers, this is one of many reasons to offer parental leave benefits to employees.

Parental Leave Benefits Help With Recruiting and Retention

Employers looking for ways to increase employee retention while also boosting recruiting efforts should explore ways to add parental leave benefits. Studies like the one from the Boston College Center for Work & Family show the value parental leave can have for both employees and employers.

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