Survey Shows 80 Percent of Small Businesses Want Personalized HR

Feb 13, 2018
| Jean Wiskowski
80%25 of Small Business Clients Want Personalized HR

The goal for any professional Employer Organization (PEO) is to help their small business clients grow and achieve success. While often a challenge for small employers and their leaders, a partnership with a PEO can help make it a reality in more than a few ways.

One-way Extensis helps its clients is to get a better understanding of their wants, needs, and expectations to help strengthen our services and offerings.

At the end of 2017, we partnered with CEB, now Gartner, to conduct an extensive survey with some of our clients. The purpose was the gain valuable insights into how Extensis helps our clients, what sets us apart as a PEO, and which areas we should focus more time on in 2018 and beyond.

In the first of a two-part series (click here for part 2), we’ll go into some of the results from our Customer Value Survey, and why the results are important for both our current and future clients.

Which Factors, Services, and Attributes Are Most Important to our Clients?

The Customer Value Survey, which was conducted in December 2017, included clients from numerous industries and company sizes.

One of the first questions we asked our clients had to do with what they consider to be most important to their business: “On a scale of 1-7, how important are the following attributes when making a purchase?

Of the choices that were given, there were 5 that were rated higher than the others. These included:
  • Personalized HR service, with dedicated HR and Payroll Managers (6.32)
  • Innovative, competitive Fortune 500-level benefits packages (6.28)
  • Exceptional customer service for management (6.10)
  • Caring, customer-focused service for employees via call center (6.0)
  • Partners with trusted broker/advisor to deliver HR solutions tailored to my needs (5.88)

The most important attribute to clients is personalized HR service, with more than 80% of clients rating it as a 6 or 7 in importance. Given the rise of personalization throughout both the personal and professional worlds, small business clients are now expecting this to be a part of their work experience.

It’s important to note that HR personalization can take two different forms: from the services and solutions offered to each client AND what the client is able to offer their own employees (such as benefits, software, learning & development, etc.). A PEO partnership can open both solutions to small businesses.

However, how unique are the above attributes and services to Extensis? That’s what we sought to find out next.

How Unique are Extensis’ Offerings?

As a follow-up to the question in the previous section, we asked our clients to rate how unique each choice was to Extensis, compared to other PEOs and HR outsourcing firms: “How unique do you consider the following attributes as they pertain to Extensis relative to comparable suppliers during a purchase decision?”

Also on a scale from 1 to 7, let’s take a look at the top five most important attributes to clients, and how unique they were ranked for Extensis:
  • Caring, customer-focused service for employees via call center (5.13)
  • Personalized HR service, with dedicated HR and Payroll Managers (4.90)
  • Partners with trusted broker/advisor to deliver HR solutions tailored to my needs (4.72)
  • Exceptional customer service for management (4.70)
  • Innovative, competitive Fortune 500-level benefits packages (4.42)

The results from this part of the survey show that, for the attributes clients find important, they also believe they are unique to Extensis. This is especially true for personalized HR services AND customer-focused service for employees.

We already touched on the importance of HR personalization in today’s business and employment climates, and how Extensis can offer personalized solutions and services to clients based on their industry and size.

However, we also provide excellence customer service to our clients and their employees, which are the two highest ranked attributes that are unique to Extensis. We promise to simplify HR, and these two results show that we are dedicated to doing that for our clients. 

Extensis Aims to Simplify HR for our Clients (and Brokers)

HR tasks today can be extremely time consuming and stressful for small employers, especially around compliance and regulatory challenges. This becomes even more true when a small business doesn’t have a dedicated HR employee.

Extensis helps our small business clients worry less about HR administrative and compliance tasks, and instead focus their efforts on high-growth activities for the company. Our unique and personalized services (for both owners and employees) help our clients navigate through the complex world of HR, and achieve growth for their business.

Additionally, these same benefits we provide to clients are also applicable to the broker partners we work exclusively with. Partnering with Extensis enables you to offer these services and benefits to your small business clients.

Be on the lookout for part two of our Customer Value Survey, where we will explore which business objectives are most important to our clients, as well as how Extensis ranked with helping them achieve these goals.

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