Extensis Recruiting Services Success Story

Apr 11, 2018
| Extensis Recruiting Team
Extensis Recruiting Services Success Story

Recruiting is routinely listed as a top business challenge. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to boost their recruiting strategies can look to solutions such as Extensis’ Recruiting Services to overcome this challenge and instead turn it into a competitive advantage!

One such example comes in the form of the below testimonial from one of our clients. Check it out and learn how our Recruiting Services Team helped this client with their recruitment needs!

Client Recruiting Services Testimonial

As the HR Lead, Brylee was burning the candle at both ends, trying to accomplish a great deal of HR administration. Her company was in growth mode. With a 191% growth trajectory, there were simply not enough hours in the day to successfully manage the full requisition workload.

As a result, she couldn’t hire fast enough. Brylee was looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to provide her with the additional support she needed to fill a growing number of job openings.

Brylee had heard about Extensis’ Recruiting Services and was hopeful this would provide her with the assistance she desperately needed. After initial discussions with Extensis and a brief trial period, Brylee quickly realized Extensis’ Recruiting Services was an economical and efficient solution.

With an easy process to follow and experienced, responsive recruiters at hand, Brylee began to outsource some staffing needs at discounted rates, due to the high volume of hiring happening at her company.

To date, Brylee has hired three employees from two Premium Searches, at discounted rates. Extensis’ Recruiting Services is helping Brylee reach her goal of meeting staffing projections.  As a result, they can continue to focus on growing their business.

“If your company is on a serious growth trajectory, I highly recommend you consider Extensis’ Recruiting Services, especially if you don’t have a dedicated recruiter on staff.” In Brylee’s experience, “HR tends to get pushed aside, especially in small and mid-size companies, so Extensis can really lend their knowledge and expertise in this important area.” Extensis’ Recruiting Services gave Brylee time back in her day to focus on the recruiting of senior level roles, while receiving excellent candidates for the mid-level roles her company needed to fill.


Don’t Feel Overwhelmed with the World of Recruiting

Our Recruiting Services Team has been working incredibly hard to help some of our clients navigate the challenging world of talent acquisition. We are here to help you attract and hire top talent!