How Well Do You Know Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)?

Feb 07, 2018
| Michael Altiero
Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are thriving in today’s business world. The total number of PEOs operating in the United States ranges from 780 to 980, and is growing each year. The main reason for this growth are the benefits that a PEO partnership can bring to small businesses and their benefits brokers.

Despite the rapid growth and expansion of the industry, many brokers and small employers are not familiar with PEOs. To help with this, we created our first-ever eBook How Well Do You Know PEO?

This eBook is an educational resource and guide that can be beneficial for brokers, small employers, and employees alike. It provides an overview of the PEO industry and explores a few important topics. These include:
  • Who are PEO clients?
  • Why do small businesses (and brokers) partner with PEOs?
  • The services offered by most PEOs
  • What to look for in a PEO partner?
  • How to buy a PEO?
How well do you know PEO

Gaining a better understanding of professional employer organizations and how they provide value to benefits brokers and small employers can help lead to business success. As the world of HR grows more complex and uncertain, outsourcing human resources needs is becoming more common. Partnering with a PEO to meet these needs is a great option for small businesses today, and can help achieve growth in the coming years!