National Payroll Week Begins September 3rd

Sep 04, 2018
| The Extensis Team
National Payroll Week

Payroll professionals and the industry play critical roles in economies and countries all over the world.

However, the importance of payroll systems can often be overlooked even though in the U.S. alone, payroll professionals collect, contribute, and report around 70% of the United States Treasury’s annual revenue.

To help spread awareness of the work and efforts of payroll professionals, and to educate workers on how the payroll system works, the American Payroll Association (APA) founded National Payroll Week (NPW) in 1996.

What is National Payroll Week and When Does It Occur?

The idea behind National Payroll Week is to “celebrate the partnership between America’s employees, the payroll professionals who pay them, and the critical government programs and agencies that our payroll system funds.”

Each year, NPW occurs the week of Labor Day, with this year’s event starting on Monday, September 3rd and lasting until Friday, September 7th.

During National Payroll week, the APA and its local chapters, along with payroll industry professionals, use the event as a platform to spread awareness of our payroll withholding system, host community service events, and educate others on how paychecks are calculated.

How Can You and Your Company Participate in National Payroll Week?

The best way to celebrate National Payroll Week is to bring this event into the workplace through activities and events.

The American Payroll Association provides the following 10 ideas to help your business participate in NPW:
  • Create friendly and competitive payroll-themed contests
  • Share NPW and payroll facts with co-workers
  • Share information about the “Getting Paid In America” survey (more on that shortly)
  • Become an official NPW supporter
  • Handout PayDay candy bars during NPW
  • Decorate your company’s payroll department
  • Host a company-wide NPW lunch that celebrates your payroll team’s hard work
  • Create an NPW area within your office where employees have access to information about payroll
  • Host an educational meeting about NPW, payroll withholdings, and more
  • Show appreciation for your payroll team through company-wide emails or social media posts

Additionally, the official National Payroll Week website has more tips and ideas for how workplaces can celebrate during this week.

The Annual NPW “Getting Paid In America” Survey

Another important part of National Payroll Week is to promote the annual “Getting Paid In America” survey, which helps the APA understand payroll related issues and concerns as well as worker preferences.

In 2017, more than 34,800 individuals took the survey, with the results making headlines in major media outlets. The survey is available to be taken every year from early May through the last day of National Payroll Week.

Those who participate and complete the survey enter for a chance to win the grand prize of a free paycheck and a vacation of their choosing.

You can take the “Getting Paid In America” survey by clicking here before the survey closes on Friday, September 7th.

Help Spread Awareness by Participating in National Payroll Week

During the week of September 3rd to the 7th, don’t forget to participate in National Payroll Week. Whether it is implementing a few of the activities listed above, or even joining in on social media by using the official NPW hashtag (#PayrollWeek), it all helps to spread awareness of this event and the importance of the industry.

Our team hopes you have a great National Payroll Week!