April 04, 2018

Broker Retains Client by Offering A PEO with Total HR Expertise

For a broker, losing a client is a worst-case scenario. Increasing healthcare costs and stiffer competition from national PEOs are making client retention harder than ever.

Both these issues impacted a broker we partnered with earlier this year, and it looked like their client – a rapidly growing technology company in New York City – was all but lost to a large PEO.

With their medical insurance set to increase by a high percentage, and the company only able to offer two similar plans to their employees, they began to explore PEO solutions that could offer the quality and quantity of benefits needed to attract and retain top developers.

Additionally, the client was looking for four important things in an HR solution:
  1. Diversification of medical options
  2. Streamlined HR administration
  3. CRM access that provided seamless data collection and onboarding/offboarding
  4. Expertise in all areas of HR

When it looked like the client was on the verge of leaving, the broker introduced them to Extensis’ sales and HR teams. From here, we worked with the client every step of the way, making the entire process – from initial conversations through the RFI stage – easy for both the client and the broker.

The client, who had done extensive research on PEOs and analyzed numerous potential partners, came away extremely impressed by how easy our team made the entire experience.

More importantly, they also saw that our PEO services checked off each of the four things they wanted and needed in an HR solution.

By introducing their client to Extensis, the broker was able to win-back their client from the national PEO, close the deal, and protect their book of business.

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Co-Employment vs. Employee Leasing