September 05, 2018

Broker Retains Client with a Broker-Only PEO Partnership

Broker Partners with PEO

Benefits, insurance, and financial brokers face numerous challenges today when it comes to current and potential clients. Perhaps the biggest is the increased competition from other brokers and direct-selling professional employer organizations (PEO).

This scenario recently occurred with one of our broker partners, who was on the verge of losing a valued client to a national PEO. The broker decided to bring in Extensis (a Broker-Only PEO) as a potential solution for the client that could offer solutions that were competitive with the national PEO, but provide local, personalized service.

This small business was looking for an HR solution that could help solve these business challenges:
  • Enhance benefit offerings while reducing costs of health insurance
  • Help educate their in-house HR employee
  • Gain services that were personalized to the client’s business and market

The client came away impressed with Extensis’ solutions and costs, our personalized services, and how easy it was to do business with our team members.

The client also valued that our company was similar to theirs – a local business who thoroughly knew and valued their market.

Ultimately, the client chose to go with Extensis as their PEO and our broker partner was able to retain his client. This is just one of the benefits that can come from a broker-only PEO partnership.

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