January 09, 2018

Co-Employment vs. Employee Leasing: How Do They Differ?

One of the most common misconceptions about PEOs and the relationship they share with clients is that it is employee leasing. Also known as a temporary employment arrangement, employee leasing incorrectly gets associated with professional employer organizations.

The actual relationship between a PEO and its client is called co-employment. While this is where the confusion comes from, co-employment and employee leasing are drastically different.

The biggest difference is that in co-employment relationship through a PEO, the PEO does not provide staff for their client. This responsibility falls on the client, as does any other staff and business-related decisions. This includes hiring new talent after the PEO partnership is established.

It's also important to note that in a PEO partnership, small business owners retain full-control of their business, including the hiring and firing of staff. 

To help with this common myth, we published a blog post that takes a much closer look at the differences between co-employment and employee leasing, and why overcoming this myth can help brokers and small business leaders.

Click here to view the article on the Extensis blog.

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