January 23, 2018

Extensis Helps Broker Partner Protect Their Book of Business

It’s a difficult and uncertain time for small businesses and their owners, especially when it comes to health insurance benefits. With the costs of health insurance and healthcare benefits rising to record highs, many small businesses are struggling to cope with these increased expenses.

This story is one that is all too familiar to benefits brokers today. It’s also what happened to a broker who recently partnered with Extensis.

The broker’s client, a professional services firm, was having an extremely challenging time finding affordable, quality health insurance benefits for their employees. Additionally, since the business operated in multiple states, HR and employment compliance was proving to be difficult and time consuming.

The broker knew that a PEO could be the perfect solution to the client’s HR problems, and made the recommendation to consider this option. The client, who wanted to increase its benefit offerings, save money, and have a more streamlined HR administration process, agreed that a PEO could potentially offer everything they were looking for.

The broker and client narrowed the list down to 3 potential PEO’s, including Extensis. After some consideration, the client decided that Extensis would provide everything that they needed, and more! In particular, the CEO loved the rates that were provided, as well as our HR software offerings and quick turnaround time (which was critical for the company).

For our broker partner, Extensis was able to offer something the other two PEOs couldn’t – protecting their book of business. With the other PEO options, the broker risked potentially losing his account in the long-run, as they could sell their services directly to the client and didn’t have to work through a broker. But because Extensis partners exclusively with brokers, this was not a concern.

At the end of the process, the client was extremely happy with our offerings and process, which included a 3-week turnaround time. Our broker partner was able to keep his client, make them happy, stay on as a trusted advisor, and protect his book of business.

To learn more about how Extensis partners only with brokers, or request to speak with a member of the Extensis team, click here.

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