March 07, 2018

Small Employers Say Their Brokers Help Them In a Few Important Ways

According to MetLife’s 15th annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study, 81% of employers say that a broker helped with their employee benefits.

When it comes to small employers specifically, they believe that their broker is a vital component of their employee benefits and overall business success. Check out the infographic below to see some impressive statistics about just how valuable brokers are in today’s benefits market.

Additionally, brokers looking to add to their offerings can look to partner with a broker-focused PEO like Extensis to stand out even more in a competitive market, as well as protect and grow their book of business!

Brokers role in today's healthcare market

You can also check out the results from our recent Customer Value Survey by clicking here. This 2-part series explored the data we uncovered from our small business clients, and shows just how valuable our PEO solution can be!

Want to learn more about PEOs? Check out our eBook, How Well Do You Know PEO? This eBook provides an overview of the PEO industry as well as helpful information for brokers and employers!

How well do you know PEO