November 07, 2017

These 16 Industries Are Perfect for Extensis’ PEO Solution

Fast and easy quotes are one thing that separates Extensis from other PEOs. With only 3 things needed (Census, Full Plan Designs, and Current Invoice with Latest Renewal) and a 48-hour turnaround, partnering with Extensis is simple for both you and your clients.

However, did you know that Extensis specializes in working with clients that operate in certain industries? The most common include: Financial Services, Professional Services, Marketing, and Technology. But these four aren’t the only industries can benefit the most from working with Extensis. We have identified 16 key industries that are well-suited for Extensis’ PEO solution.

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Want to learn more about PEOs? Check out our eBook, How Well Do You Know PEO? This eBook provides an overview of the PEO industry as well as helpful information for brokers and employers!

How well do you know PEO