June 11, 2018

Time Savings and Peace of Mind Are the Main Reasons Clients Stick with PEO

Earlier this year, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) conducted a study that explored both potential and current PEO clients to get a better understanding of their perception, knowledge, and use of PEOs.

Recently, the results from their Market Research Report were released. A few highlights from the survey include:
  • 45% of non-clients surveyed said they were aware of PEOs
  • 67% said that, after seeing a description of PEO, they were very interested or somewhat interested in a PEO solution
  • Almost all participants ranked financial and businesses concerns as the top business challenges/concerns today
  • Employee transition, employee control, current employment changes, and cost/cost structure were among the concerns business owners had about moving to a PEO model

Additionally, the survey uncovered that time savings and peace of mind were by far the most popular reasons why current clients stay with a PEO.

You can view our full recap of the NAPEO Market Research Report to learn more about this interesting survey.