HR Outsourcing Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Areas of ExpertiseAreas Of Expertise
  • Business Associations
  • Grantmaking Foundations
  • Professional Organizations
Unlike most companies, working at a non-profit allows you to serve your constituents in pursuit of a higher goal. However, you still face the challenges of a small business. Staff are required to wear multiple hats, budgets are tight and every expense is reviewed with a high level of scrutiny.
You can maximize the efficiency of your HR and benefits spend by partnering with Extensis. Our team of experts can help you cost-effectively:

Access enhanced benefits with affordable health benefits, comprehensive insurance coverage, tax-advantaged savings options and additional employee perks.

Manage all HR functions from payroll to benefits to HR compliance, all without having to allocate any of your budget to hiring a dedicated HR person.

Reduce employer risk by letting our experts manage labor, immigration and workers’ compensation issues and ACA health care compliance.

Increase staffing efficiency while maintaining access to dedicated HR support, without the additional cost of having to hire your own HR staff member.

To learn more about our HR outsourcing services, talk to your benefits broker or contact us at 888.473.6398.