July 10, 2018

5 PEO Myths and Why They Aren’t True

Small business owners and benefits brokers have increasingly turned to outsourcing HR in recent years. And one solution in particular, professional employer organizations (PEO), have seen rapid growth as more companies turn to outsourcing in today’s challenging HR climate.

Despite the popularity of PEOs amongst broker and small businesses, some are still hesitant to partner with them, partly because of these 5 common myths that are attached to PEOs:

Myth 1: Working with a PEO Causes Business Owners to Lose Control of Their Company
Myth 2: Professional Employer Organizations Only Take Business Away from Brokers
Myth 3: All PEOs Are The Same
Myth 4: PEO Partnerships Only Help Benefits and Insurance Brokers
Myth 5: A PEO Relationship is the Same as Employee Leasing

Check out our full blog article on these PEO myths to learn more about each of them, and why they aren’t true!

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How well do you know PEO