October 05, 2018

7 Common HR Challenges Facing Small Employers Today

While there are many difficulties that small businesses and their owners face every day, perhaps none is as challenging as human resources. Unlike their larger counterparts (who have entire departments and teams dedicated to HR), small employers often lack the necessary resources to properly handle all the tasks of modern HR.

This has made human resources incredibly complex for small businesses. But some challenges are more common than others and can cause significant issues for employers looking to grow. These include:
  1. Employment law updates
  2. The amount of time required for HR administration
  3. Employee expectations
  4. The rise of personalization
  5. Employee benefits and perks
  6. Recruiting
  7. Rising HR costs

Check out one of our latest blog posts, 7 Reasons HR is Challenging for Small Businesses, to learn more about each of the above HR challenges and how they impact smaller employers. 

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