June 25, 2019

Announcing a New Sales Region: DC Metro

We’re working exclusively with insurance brokers to open a PEO sales opportunity in the DC Metro region. You’re invited to join us. Partner with a PEO committed to your success.

It’s no secret the most prevalent businesses in the DC Metro region are government contractors, professional services, and non-profit organizations. Extensis has an edge in winning sales with these businesses.

Our Specialized HR Expertise is in High Demand

At Extensis, we’re experts at managing employees working on government contracts, handling the specific payroll needs of employees with visa immigration status, working with organizations in the non-profit industry, and designing learning and development programs to enhance staff capabilities.

Partner With Us: Deliver More Value & Win More Cases

Take a moment to view our DC Metro offering, FOR BROKERS: Specialized HR Solutions for a New Region. It describes The Extensis Perfect PEO Fit for DC Metro clients.