September 06, 2017

How Well Do You Know Extensis?

At Extensis, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing health insurance brokers with competitive HR and benefit solutions. Direct-selling PEOs often sell direct to consumers and therefore displace brokers during their sales process. Our broker-focused model means we work exclusively through you to provide you and your clients with the best experience possible – while you maintain your relationships and revenue.

And we do it all with a level of expertise and experience you and your clients can trust. Extensis is among just 5 percent of PEOs accredited by Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) – the industry’s gold standard for financial reliability. And, we’re one of only 3 percent of U.S. PEOs named a Certified PEO by the IRS.

Partnering with Extensis Helps You – And Your Clients

In a highly competitive market, Extensis helps you protect your book of business from other brokers and PEOs. We protect our benefit brokers from competitive BORs, and offer a competitive residual-based compensation model. We help you:
  • Differentiate yourself. When you partner with Extensis, you gain the support of a local sales team with an average of at least 10 years of experience in PEO sales. That’s a powerful resource to have in your corner.
  • Provide local expertise. In addition to our PEO knowledge and experience, we are experts in the local markets and in 16 key industries. We understand the unique challenges your clients face and are adept at identifying and implementing the right HR and benefit solution for their needs.
  • Deliver personal service. As a regional PEO, we don’t just provide help online or over the telephone. Our headquarters is located within a three-hour drive of every clients’ headquarters. If a client needs us on-site, we can be there.
  • Give your clients peace of mind. We offer an innovative suite of large group benefits designed to meet your clients’ needs. We also simplify and streamline their HR administration and management, and ensure that they’re compliant with local, state, and federal benefit and HR regulations. This allows your clients to focus on their business. 

Contact Extensis Today

We understand that protecting your book of business and keeping your clients happy are your top priorities. We can help. Contact us today at 732-362-9955 to learn more about our unique broker-focused PEO model and how you – and your clients – can benefit from partnering with Extensis.