November 01, 2017

Need A Quick and Easy Quote?

Do you have a challenging renewal? Are you struggling to find clients or prospects unique and innovative renewal solutions? Do you have clients “looking” at their PEO options? Do you have any clients currently with a PEO who are not satisfied with their service? As you assess options for your clients, consider partnering with Extensis. We deliver great value to you and your clients, and help you compete more effectively with your competitors. Requesting a quote from Extensis is as easy as 1,2,3 and only requires these three things:
  1. Census
  2. Full Plan Designs
  3. Current Invoice with Latest Renewal

Submit these three pieces of information and receive a quote within 48 hours! Submissions and questions can be sent to

Now is the perfect time to partner with Extensis

If you have clients who could benefit from working with a regional PEO like Extensis, now is the time to present this option. Unlike most national PEOs, Extensis partners exclusively with brokers, protecting them from competitive BORs and offering a competitive, residual-based compensation model. We can help you protect your book of business while providing your clients with access to the innovative benefit solutions and personalized HR services they need.

Want to learn more about PEOs? Check out our eBook, How Well Do You Know PEO? This eBook provides an overview of the PEO industry as well as helpful information for brokers and employers!​

How well do you know PEO