August 10, 2017

Why Local is Better When it Comes to PEOs

Buying local can have significant benefits – and not just when it involves the local hardware store. It also applies to PEOs. Local PEOs typically have a deep understanding of the local market and what it takes for a company to succeed. However, as the industry continues to grow, direct selling national PEOs are targeting your small and midsized businesses throughout the country. How will you protect your book of business?

Protect Your Clients: Partner With a Local PEO

Working with a PEO has numerous advantages for clients, including the opportunity to offer the top-tier benefits they need in order to attract and retain the best employees. As a regional PEO, Extensis can help your clients access Fortune 500-level benefit packages and personalized service – without sacrificing local expertise.

We offer the best of both worlds, including:
  • Local Service: At Extensis, our commitment to simplify HR includes the highest level of personalized service. Because we are a regional PEO, our headquarters is located within three hours from any client’s headquarters. We are happy to visit our clients in person to ensure their issues are resolved face to face. With Extensis, your clients will never be just a name on a spread sheet.
  • Local Benefits: Healthcare varies by region and so do healthcare plans. This is why Extensis offers market- and state-specific, Fortune 500-level benefit plans specially designed for our target client industries headquartered in the Northeast.

Partner With Extensis Today

If you have clients who could benefit from working with a regional PEO like Extensis, now is the time to present this option. Unlike most national PEOs, Extensis partners exclusively with brokers, protecting them from competitive BORs and offering a competitive, residual-based compensation model. We can help you protect your book of business while providing your clients with access to the innovative benefit solutions and personalized HR services they need.

Contact Extensis today to discuss how we can help you help your clients.