HRCloud App

HR On-the-Go for Employees

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The HRCloud App quickly connects employees with employment information they need or want.
HR Info
Request PTO. Plus, employees can view their PTO history and how much PTO is pending and available.

View payroll information, including vouchers, deductions, paycheck history, and next pay date. It makes sharing pay info with third parties quick and easy.

See benefit information such as effective dates, dependents, co-pays, plan designs, and premiums for medical, dental, vision, and more.

Get notifications about events, severe weather closings, and even payroll info.
Links to benefit providers’ apps or websites are just a click away—no more wasted time searching web browsers’ results. Phone numbers are listed, too. 

Quick navigation by touch.
Quick navigation by touch. Two touches is all it takes to get to what they want. 
Quick navigation by voice.
Quick navigation by voice. The microphone enables even faster navigation.
Menu bar on every screen.
Menu bar on every screen. It’s always a single click to Home, PTO, Payroll, Benefits, and Provider Contact Info.
Touch to chat, call, and email.
Touch to chat, call, and email. Connect to our Employee Solution Center for info about all things HR.
3-D Touch shortcuts.
3-D Touch shortcuts. Employees with 3-D Touch technology can do even more.