ACA Compliance Services & Technology Solutions

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Well-versed in the nuances of Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations, our experts can help solve your healthcare administration concerns:
  • Stabilizing healthcare costs
  • Making informed plan and smart compliance decisions
  • Minimizing exposure to regulatory fines and penalties 
We’ll explain the ACA provisions in plain language, tell you how the law affects your organization, answer your questions, and make recommendations for your company’s situation. Our periodic ACA alerts will keep you updated on the latest regulatory requirements. In our ACA library, you’ll find easy-to-understand healthcare reform definitions, links to reliable organizations and government resources—plus access to ACA topics of interest. 

Our ACA Navigator® technology, along with access to your payroll data, will simplify your ACA compliance by:
  • Measuring, tracking, and reporting employee eligibility status
  • Measuring your Applicable Large Employer status 
  • Gathering your data and preparing IRS forms for your approval—and submission 
The regulatory impact of ACA cuts across three areas of compliance: administrative, plan, and financial. We will manage many tasks for you and consult with you on others. Achieving and maintaining ACA compliance is easier when you have an expert partner like Extensis.