Employee Performance Management Solutions

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Why settle for disruptive, ineffective and inaccurate annual reviews when you could use the exercise to align individual goals with company objectives and increase employee engagement.

Extensis Performance Management allows you to:

Save time and reduce frustration. Managers and employees can track performance, training and overall professional development in real time through our online interface. Information can be collected throughout the year through the system, so performance review preparation takes minutes, not hours.

Increase accuracy and relevance. Online data entry allows for real time feedback tracking when issues arise, increasing overall data accuracy. And our administrative interface provides you insights to easily take action and improve your ability to assess organizational performance in specific areas.

Encourage real-time and social feedback. With powerful peer level feedback capability, employees can offer feedback to others and provide additional insight for managers.

End artificial pay-for-performance policies. Our reports give you the data you need for real results-driven compensation planning, not just arbitrary decisions.

And to ensure you get the most out of our performance management solutions, your Extensis HR manager will guide you through the entire performance review process, including reviewing templates, competencies and rating scales. We also offer training for supervisors.


There’s more to Performance Management than an effective annual review. How do you link employee performance with larger goals like organizational health, reduction of turnover or increased engagement? HRCloud performance management software lets you re-think dated review processes to increase the accuracy, relevance and effectiveness of your performance management process. It helps you:
  • Track performance metrics, training and overall professional devel­opment in real time
  • Manage individual and team goals, development plans and evaluations
  • Create a positive review experience
At-a-glance leaderboards let you monitor events leading up to turnover, follow up on development plans and see which employees and managers are consistently delivering results. HRCloud performance management also lets you end artificial pay-for-performance policies, with real-time performance tracking that gives you the data you need for informed compensation decisions.