Risk & Compliance Services

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You can never eliminate the risks of running a business, but you can always take steps to reduce your risk exposure. Extensis works with small and medium sized businesses to identify potential risks and recommend processes and procedures to help mitigate exposures to the business.

Our team of risk experts can help you with comprehensive risk and compliance solutions:
Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services that can help you reduce the impact of employee lawsuits, manage workers’ compensation claims, ensure you have a safe working environment, and even help employees get back on their feet with return to work programs.

Compliance Services

Compliance Services to help you stay on top of the changing employment law landscape at the federal and state level, including ongoing monitoring of changes to regulations, implementation of the Affordable Care Act, immigration law, OSHA and LOA Management.

The legal and regulatory landscape is always changing and by partnering with Extensis and its third-party legal partners, you can be confident that you will have access to a team of experts who will keep you up to speed and keep your workplace compliant.