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Regulatory compliance comes into play for nearly all aspects of managing your workforce, from Affordable Care Act compliance to the new paid sick leave laws. Unlike slow-moving national providers, Extensis takes a practical, proactive approach to compliance services, anticipating the issues faced by businesses like yours and providing guidance based on the most current requirements and best practices.

Working closely with your dedicated Extensis HR and benefits service team, our regulatory experts are experienced problem solvers with local market expertise and a deep understanding of the complex, evolving employment regulatory and enforcement environment—from the latest legislative trends to time-tested methods for re-engaging key employees.

We’re on top of the hundreds of state & local HR law changes—so you don’t have to be

Significant changes to state and local employment laws happen all the time. Minimum wage increases, mandatory sick leave and extension of employee protections to non-employees, and safety regulations are some of the top nationwide trends that every company needs to stay on top of. A few quick examples:
  • Ban the box — New Jersey passed the Opportunity to Compete Act, which prohibits employers from asking prospective hires about their criminal record history during the initial application process.
  • Interns — California and Illinois have joined New York, the District of Columbia, and Oregon in granting anti-discrimination and harassment protection to non-employees.
  • Minimum wage — Rates in at least 24 states will change in 2015. Maryland has scheduled two increases; New York’s took effect on December 31, 2014, with a second increase effective December 21, 2015.
  • Sick leave — The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs released updated requirements for notifying current and new employees about the New York City Earned Sick Time Act.
  • Pregnant workers — New Jersey law now prohibits pregnancy discrimination in the workplace and requires employers to provide pregnant employees with reasonable, pregnancy-related accommodations.
Your proactive Extensis HR and benefits service team can help you ensure you’re in compliance with these and many other challenges, now and in the future with on-demand, regulatory and compliance services, including:

Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. Guidance and easy-to-understand reports designed to help you stay ACA compliant, including determining eligibility, assessing affordability and identifying compliance issues before they become a problem.

Leave of absence management. An array of leave arrangements, from Family Medical Leave Act, to maternity/paternity, bereavement, military service, jury duty or other company-specific programs to help you balance compliance and productivity.

I-9 verification. Verification to ensure compliance with the most current immigration, labor law and Homeland Security requirements.

OSHA support. Access to current reference materials, guidance-in-audit and OSHA 300 log preparation, as well as participation and support with OSHA inspectors and assistance in addressing violations.

Drug testing support. A broad array of compliant drug testing services, as well as the basic forms and policies needed to help maintain a drug-free workplace.

Employee handbooks & posters. Standard and customized handbooks and posters (available in English and Spanish) to keep you in line with the latest federal and state regulatory and legal statutes.