Employment Risk Management Services

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Employment risk is part of doing business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to control or reduce it.

Our Risk Management Services are designed to help shield your company from the risk that comes with hiring and employing a staff. We can also help you create and maintain a safe, compliant work environment, which can help reduce expenses and the danger of costly employee-related accidents, lawsuits and penalties.

Protecting your reputation & assets from the rising tide of employee claims & lawsuits

Extensis helps you develop workplace practices that help reduce the risk of claims arising from acts such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other employment-related issues. And our early-intervention program helps you quickly assess developing situations and implement the right resolution plan. When more complex situations arise, we will work closely with our lawyers at Jackson Lewis, named 2014 “Law Firm of the Year” in employment litigation.

Our comprehensive employer risk strategies also include legal defense and liability insurance coverage, protecting the reputation and assets of management, as well as the company.

Managing the complex workers’ compensation system for you 

Workers’ compensation management can be complex, time-consuming and costly, especially for companies with higher risk factors, multi-state operations or employees who are frequent business travelers. Extensis will navigate intricate state-by-state workers’ compensation systems so you don’t have to.

Our goal is to make your life easier, so we’ve even simplified the outdated premium payment process. Our pay-as-you-go program means no deposits, no advance premiums, no deductibles, no year-end audits or other hassles.

Improving workplace safety

Safety can be a challenge for companies with higher risk or field operations—a challenge we gladly accept. In fact, the Extensis approach to safety has successfully helped our clients reduce the frequency and severity of their claims by over 35%. In some cases, we’ve driven claims to nearly zero.
Our highly trained safety professionals work hard to help educate you and your employees on establishing and maintaining a safe work environment, closely examining your claims history to identify accident trends and employees with repeat claims.

We’ll develop and implement a custom high-impact action plan to realize immediate improvements, and then help you lock in those gains with a safety maintenance program.

Personalized claims management & return-to-work programs

Even the safest employers aren’t immune to accidents. The Extensis claims team has just one mission—the intensive, immediate and highly personal management of all your claims. You can report a claim by phone, fax, email or HRCloud, and our field case managers will immediately provide early intervention and face-to-face employee assistance.
We understand that reaching maximum medical improvement and returning to work as soon as medically appropriate is the optimal outcome for the injured employee, co-workers and your company.

State Unemployment Claim Management

Provides a dedicated resource for the review of worksite employee terminations to ensure proper coding, collection of documentation supporting a termination, and response to a state for adjudication of an unemployment claim.

Governmental compliance

Helping you stay current with numerous, ever-changing federal, state and local regulatory guidelines and compliance with workplace safety, employee notices and claims reporting requirements is what we do. Extensis takes a practical approach to necessities such as OSHA 300 log management, OSHA inspections and addressing potential violations, work-site hazard assessments, claims reporting and management.

Pre-employment screening & drug testing support

Extensis can help you can hire smarter with criminal history searches, drug testing, pre-employment physicals, DOT compliance and more. We also offer a broad array of compliant drug testing services, as well as the basic forms and policies needed to help maintain a drug-free workplace.